Wings lvl 4

Creation of the level 4 wing


  • You will need to have:
  • Higher Magic Stone:  Made from the refinement of ancients in Chaos Machine's second option: Magic Stone.

  • 50x Golden sentence : Drop  from Swamp of Darkness mobs

  • 30x Jewel of Chaos

  • 30x Jewel of Creation

  • 30x Jewel of Bless

  • 30x Jewel of Soul

  • 1x Garuda Feather Can be done with level wing 3

  • 1x Garuda Flame  Drop on maps from Swamp of Darkness


  • In Chaos Machine, select the first option: Normal Combination


  • Add the items and click Combine:

Note 1: Each Higher Magic Stone will give 5% more in the combination

Note2.: Maximum combination rate will be 40%

Obs3.: Talism of Luck(Maying for up to 10) and reaching up to +10%






  • If the match fails, you ll lose all items added to Chaos Machine. If the combination is successful, a random wing will be created and with random options as well, which can come from 1 (one) to 3 (three) types of options.




  • Devil Wing - Blade knight

  • Genius Wings - Elfa

  • Angel Wings - Soul Master

  • Destruction Wings - Magic Gladiator

  • Eternal Wings - Summoner

  • Control Wings - Dark Lord

  • Judgment Cloak - Rage Fight

  • Eternity Cloak - Grow Lancer

  • Wings of Fate - Rune Wizard

  • Wings of Condemnation - Slayer

  • Blood Wings - Gun Crasher

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