Mastery Errtel

Mastery Errtel

  • It will be necessary to locate the NPC Adniel coordinates: 38 ~ 216 which is located in Elbeland.


  • By clicking on NPC Adniel, the Mastery Errtel Upgrade function will appear. To create the Errtel Upgrade you will need:
  • 1 - Errtel Rank 1 ao Rank 2 +7 ou Errtel Rank 3 +0
  • 1 - Errtel Upgrade
  • 30 Jewel of Soul
  • 30 Jewel of Bless
  • 10 Jewel of Creation




  • The Errtel Upgrade item will be made as an exchange at NPC Moss located at coordinates: 23 ~ 225 in Elbeland and will cost 5 Elemental Fragment units.


  • Elemental Fragment + Errtel Emblem


  • The item used in your exchange will be sold at NPC Priest James coordinates: 34 ~ 240 located in Elbeland, costing 100,000 ruud.


  • Elemental Upgrade


  • Created our Mastery Errtel we will leave Unique Level +6 to activate the bonuses of our Mastery Pentagram. Still on NPC Adniel, we click on the Mastery Errtel Level Up option, we will also use Elemental Rune and Tasliman of Luck for evolution to increase our percentage and avoid failing.


  • After all your Errtel Mastery are +6 when placing it in its proper slot, we will have Pentagram Mastery Activated.


  • Pentagram Mastery Actived

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