Blessed Weapon

Creation Blessed Weapons


  • Blesseds weapons are direct evolutions of Divines weapons, in addition to having greatly improved damage, the weapon also has a unique buff skill that will certainly come in handy during your journey.


  • The Archangels Hammer item needs to be created first, so you'll need the following items:
  • x10 Steel of Heaven
  • x10 Jewel of Bless
  • x10 Jewel of Soul
  • x1 Jewel of Creation
  • x1 Jewel of Guardian
  • x1 Jewel of Chaos


Next, you will need the following items to create your Blessed:

  • Divine Weapon +15 +16 option level 
  • Archangel's Hammer
  • x30 Jewel of Bless
  • x30 Jewel of Soul
  • x30 Jewel of Life
  • x1 Jewel of Chaos


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