Guide 1-400

GUIDE 1-400



- Welcome to World of MU Server, we are currently in season 18 part 3

- We are a hard server with no reset and max level 1500

- We have a limit of 5 accounts per computer

- On the general server (pvp) it is possible to log in up to 5 accounts

- On the market server it is possible to log in up to 3 accounts

- On the VIP Diamond server (no-pvp) it is possible to log in up to 5 accounts



  • What is party?

Party is a group of characters made for up/Boss/Events

How many members can I have in my party? Up to 5 members

What level can I level in party? From level 10 it is possible to level up in party. When starting a party, it is ideal to have an Elf energy(buff) and at least 1 character in addition to your main




  • How does MU HELPER work?

It serves to assist your character by collecting items and attacking targets alone.


How to configure MU HELPER? Always leave an active skill in Basic skill and the original position option checked, we suggest the time in 3~5 seconds

What should I collect with the HELPER? Gems, ancients/excellent items, event items and the additional part: Box, Medal, Elemental rune (Devil Square)




  • Where should I start leveling?

First get level 10 in your starting city>With your party formed go to Devias 1 and stay until level 40> go to Dungeon 3 and get level to go to Lost tower 6~7>up to level 140 and go to Tarkan 1 > in Tarkan 1 up to level 200+ while doing your first quests (level 150+)> when you reach level 200+ with all your party go to Kanturu 2 (here you can stay up to level 400)




  • 1st quest how to do it?

Upon reaching level 150, the player will be able to do his first quest, for that just go to NPC Sabina the Priest in Devias (Coordinates 183/31)

Upon accepting the quest, you must collect the following Scroll of Emperor item that can be dropped on the following maps:

  • Atlans 1 - mob Bahamut , Vepar
  • Dungeon 3 - mob Dark Knight, Poison Bull , Thunder Lith
  • Lost Tower 1 - mob Shadow


After completing step 1 return to the NPC and start your next quest requring a new item to be hunted.

  • Abyssal Eye - Class Summoner
  • Tear of Elf - Class Elf
  • Broken Sword - Class  Blade Knight, Slayer
  • Wizard´s Soul Shard - Soul Master, Rune Wizard , Gun Crasher



  • Marlon quest when can I do it?


From level 220 you can already do the 1st part of the quest which consists of acquiring the Ring of Honor item, this item can be dropped on.

  • Tarkan 1 - mob Mutant
  • Icarus - mob Alquamos
  • Kanturu 1 - mob Splinter Wolf

The second part of the quest will ask for the Dark stone item which can be purchased at the same location as the Ring of Honor



  • Where to find NPC Marlon?

NPC Marlon may be in one of these locations:

  • Devias(201,47)
  • Noria(172,89)
  • Lorencia(139,87)
  • Atlans(18,21)
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