Elemental Option Upgrade

Elemental Option Upgrade

  • It will be necessary to locate the NPC Adniel coordinates: 38 ~ 216 which is located in Elbeland.


  • Clicking on NPC Adniel, the Enhancement of Pentagram Elemental Option function will appear. To evolve Elemental Option you will need:

1 - Pentagram Mastery already with Elemental Option added Elemental Rune



  • You will need to click on which Elemental Option to upgrade. Once this is done, you can normally level up to LEVEL 10 with the possibility of failure.


  • If you want to remove the Elemental Option, you will need to click on Remove Pentagram Elemental Option located below the Enhacement of Pentagram Elemental Option, as shown in the previous image.


 IMPORTANT ! Removing the Elemental Option in the function informed, the Ertel Mastery that was used will be completely broken, that is, it will cease to exist.

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