Quest 4 Class Guide



  • Now we will go to the 4th Class QUESTs that a priori requires level 800 the NPC Cent(Town) to obtain this QUEST is located in Lorencia(131, 146)

  • Recommended to do the entire quest in Party (evades this recommendation if your character is too strong)

After entering take the quest!



  • This first part TEST you will have to kill her



  • The second part you ll have to kill a total of 15 mobs



  • Recommended to do in Party(You will have to survive for 5 minutes)





  • The last part will be Cent and its monsters



After killing her, deliver the quest, and get the 4th class, with it you can finally use the second master level tree and some equipment like level 4 Wings

and other gadgets that come after level 800.

Now my dear warrior, good luck on your new journey!

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