Seed Upgrade

Seed Upgrade


  • To level your seeds you need to go to the NPC Seed Master and select the 6th option



  • Once this is done, just add your seeds that must have the same level (Exc 2 seeds level 6)
  • The seed with the blue mark will be the seed to be upgraded (go to level 7)
  • The seed with the red marking will be the raw material (it will be consumed)


  • For this combination in addition to the seeds you will also use the following item: Sphere Upgrade Rune



  • Which can be purchased from NPC Priest James in Elbland (32/238) for 1000 (1k) RUUD




When buying this item just click the right mouse button, remembering that it can come from 5~10 Sphere Upgrade Rune.

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