Elemental System

Elemental System

  • The Elemental Sistem is a feature created to increase elements in your pvp and pvm, being able to change both your defense or even your damage in elemental form. Different from the already known, the elements are shown according to the characteristic color of the element and its staff.
  • There are 05 elements, among them:







        Located below the boots in your inventory, the pentagram has its own slot. It can vary depending on the element the monster (pvm) or enemy (pvp) is using.


  •  Pentagram
For example: Norrwen's Bloodstring Lyra Earth Pentagram as pictured, on its left side it will show the elements it will be weaker below and on the right side the elements that its pentagram will be stronger.


  • So we observe that the Wind element located on the left side is the element of which our example pentagram will be weakest and the Water element on the right side is the element that will have the least effect, i.e. stronger.

  • In the table below there are all combinations of elements having their left and right side (stronger elements and weaker elements):


  • Finally, pressing the C key, on the side of the "Status" window is the "Element" tab. Further down, on the sword (attack) icon, there will be the number of damage you will do to your opponent/mob in PVM and PVP. And in the shield icon (defense), how much you will lower your opponent/mob's PVM and PVP defense.


  • The pentagrams contain 5 slots, however, their drop occurs only with 4 slots released.
  • The pentagram can be leveled like a normal item, evolving up to +6 with Jewel of Bless and up to +9 with Jewel of Soul, from which it is enough to evolve in the Chaos Machine located in Noria. To open the pentagram information window, just click on it with the right mouse button while holding the ALT key. 


  • In these slots you add Erteis, which are:
  • 1 - Slot of Anger;
  • 2 - Slot of Blessing;
  • 3 - Slot of Integrity;
  • 4 - Slot of Divinity;
  • 5 - Slot of Radiance
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