Mastery Errtel, Pentagram

Mastery Errtels, Pentagrams

1. Normal pentagram can be equiped only with normal errtels. Mastery pentagram can be equiped only with mastery errtels.
2. Errtel of Anger, Blessing, Integrity, Divinity can be mastery. Errtel of Radiance can not be mastery.
3. When upgrading to mastery errtel, all existing options of ranks 1 - 5 will be transfered in mastery errtel with higher bonuses.
4. Mastery errtels have higher bonuses than normal errtels and can be crafted using an upgrade combination.
5. Mastery errtel has a set effect. There are 2 sets Fighting Spirit (Attack set) and Passionate (Defensive set)
6. Mastery pentagram combination upgrade success rate: pentagram +11 = 80%, +12 = 85, +13 = 90%, +14 = 95%, +15 = 100%
7. Mastery pentagram can equip only character over 1000 level
8. Antonias' Sword (I) can be crafted only from Arca's Prophecy / Antonia's Sword / Kundun's Seal Scroll
9. Brilliant Orb (I) can be crafted only from Norrwen's Bloodstring Lyra


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