Mastery Pentagram

Mastery Pentagram

  • Created to evolve the Common Pentagram, the Mastery Pentagram maintains the same dynamics regarding damage and elemental defenses. A new combination called options ancients ended up emerging, forming a perfect combination of Set Option. To create a Mastery Pentagram.


  • It will be necessary to locate the NPC Adniel coordinates: 38 ~ 216 which is located in Elbeland.


  • By clicking on NPC Adniel, the Mastery Pentagram Upgrade function will appear. To create Mastery Pentagram you will need:
  • 1 - Pentagram Normal
  • 1 - Pentagram Emblem
  • 30 Jewel of Soul
  • 30 Jewel of Bless 
  • 10 Jewel of Creation


  • The item Pentagram Emblem will be made in exchange form at the NPC Moss Merchant located at coordinates: 23 ~ 225 in Elbeland and will cost 30 Elemental Fragment units.


  • Elemental Fragment


  • The item used in your exchange will be sold at NPC Priest James at coordinates: 34 ~ 240 located in Elbeland, costing 100,000 ruud.


  • Note that in the image below, an Antonia's Sword Pentagram was used, in the last field called Assembly Prediction the same Pentagram appears, however, already being Mastery Pentagram. There are 2 combinations, including:

1 ~ Antonia's Sword, Kundun Seal and Arca Phophecy = Will become Antonia's Sword (I) called Rare Pentagram;

2 ~ Kundun Madness, Lemuria Scroll, Lyra and Harp = It will become Briliant Orb (I) called Normal Pentagram.


  • Once the Mastery Pentagram is created, there are new options related to its activation. In addition to the change in damage and elemental defenses, 04 new Slots called "Elemental Option" were created, which also serve to add as much damage/elemental defense, a "Sub Option" from Mastery Pentagram.


  • To activate your Bonuses and the Elemental Option Slot, it will be necessary to use the new evolution of Errtel. In the previous image, you can also see that to activate your bonuses:

1 - Elemental DMG Perfect Dodge Rate 5%

2 - DEF Added to Elemental DEF +5%


  • It will be necessary to have the new evolution of Ertel, where the Unique level will have to be at least +6 and +5. Using Element Fire as an example, the evolution of Ertel Rank 3 Blessing is now called Passionate Blessing Errtel (I) and we can use it either to activate our Mastery Pentagram or to add the Elemental Option Slot.


  • IMPORTANT ! Mastery Pentagram has all the slots of a Pentagram LVL 300, but Ertel Mastery does not allow the evolution of Ertel Radiance, that is, the 5th Slot that would be the Slot of Radiance will remain with Ertel Rank 3 of Pentagram LVL 300. So we will go continue with it like this:

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