Evolution Rank Ertel 1-3

Evolution Rank Ertel 1-3

  • We saw Errtel's Creation Guide but we will also need to evolve the Rank, for that you will need the Elemental Rune item:

Elemental Rune


  • Using the Elemental Rune, we can click on the Errtel Level Up (Rank 1) option and evolve at least to +7, making it possible to create Ertel Rank 2.


  • Ertel Rank 2 will only be created when you have 02 Erteis Rank 1 +7, so it will work as follows:

Ertel Rank 1 + Ertel Rank 1 = Ertel Rank 2
Ertel Rank 2 + Ertel Rank 2 = Ertel Rank 3


  • IMPORTANT ! When using 02 Errteis Rank 1+7, it is important to remember that the first Errtel will be the element you choose, that is, the second Errtel will only be used to create Rank 2.

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