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Basic Guide - Submitted by KiziaR

Basic Guide 



The very first thing on start you really need is Helper. Helper is in top-left corner (Gear Wheel or press Z key).  

There you can select and write thing that Helper will automatically collect. 

In our opinion, you should start with writing: 

Heart of Love - Heart 

Silver / Golden medal - medal 

Elemental Rune, Mithril 

Many possibilities of Box - Box 

Event entries - Sign / Paper / Symbol....) 

Also Helper makes you kill everything in range. 




Assign helper 

Good thing for mostly afk players, or people, who play with more characters. 

Simply right-click on leader of party and press Assign helper. 

Now when it's on, your leader can press CTRL+S to move whole party wherever he can(Except events) and turn on their Helpers. 





If you want to be on top of leaderboard you need to watch Exp Per Second, which you see in Helper in bottom-right corner. 

Each map has difference in defense/damage. Stronger mobs have better experience than lower ones. 

So you start on maps that require level 0 - Lorencia, Noria, Elveland. 

Depends on your party and playstyle, but basic leveling should look like this: 

Devias/Elveland 2,3 

Atlans 1 

Lost Tower 1-5 

Lost Tower 6-7, Atlans 2 

Atlans 3, Tarkan 1, Aida 1 

Kanturu 1, Icarus 

Kanturu 2, Acheron - Alkmaar, Crywolf 

Acheron - Ubaid, Debenter 

Acheron - Uruk, Nars 


Guide quest 

You can complete many quests by clicking T key. There you can find quests that gives you Blessings. Blessings boosts your experience in percentage. 


Basic Invasions 

Red Pig invasion - Best jewel invasion 

Golden invasion - Gives you Boxes +1..+5 where you can receive Excellent items with 3 options. 

Mini-boss invasion - You can get starter items (Chaos weapon, BoK+3, Jewels, 2nd Feathers) 

Red Dragon invasion - Excellent Rings, Pendants 





Element is the core thing that lets you stand higher maps (Acheron+). 

In the start you receive box with beginner pentagram (which is not strong). You can drop a better one in Atlans and Acheron. 

If you get Acheron pentagram from mobs or invasion, you should be able to exp there effectively. 





With Mithrils you can make Ertels. Pentagram has 1-4 slots and each slot is for 1 type of Ertel. 

Anger - damage 

Blessing - defense 

Integrity - attack success rate 

Divinity - defense success rate 

(5th special slot) Radiance - can have each option written above 

Those Ertels can be upgraded by Elemental Runes which are in basic drop and many invasions. 





Earrings are upgradable with Three Vacancies. Vacancies are in Invasions or you can disassemble rings and pendants in Goblin Machine. 

There are 2 types of them. Left one requires 300 level and right one 700. 

When you wear both you receive set bonus. 

Each one of them can provide options. 




Ruud system 

Ruuds can be dropped in invasions or Events 600 level+ 

With Ruud you can buy core items after reaching level 600. Those items are weapons, sets, guardian pets, upgraded earrings and ruud spells. 

Ruud sets are basically stronger ancient items. They gives you great options which will help you in later gameplay. 

Weapons have great damage, so they are also way to go. 

Guardian pets are similar to fenrir. They give you damage/defense and elemental damage/defense. Those options are random. 

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