Speed Server

& Conditions

Avoid misinformation, read all the event guidelines and conditions.

Speed Server
- The Speed Server is a limited-duration event server where players can progress much more easily.
- This event will take place on a new server called "Speed Server," which can be accessed through the World of Mu client.
- To access this server, players can use their existing World of Mu accounts or create new accounts. All players will start from scratch, without characters and equipment, but with many advantages such as increased experience and drop rates, equipment available for purchase from NPCs and the X Shop using Goblin Points, and much more!
- The Speed Server will last for 22 days. At the end of the event, the server will be shut down, and players will have a 7-day period to transfer their characters to the official server free of charge.
- On the server, you can obtain Goblin Points by hunting invasion mobs, defeating bosses and obtaining drops from Speed Boxes.
- Goblin Points will be the main currency for trading on the speed server and will be used to acquire items from other players and the X Shop.
Speed Server

- 5 Accounts per player/IP/HWID (simultaneously).
   Any attempt to bypass this limitation will result in a permanent ban for the machines, accounts, and involved IPs.
   Do not lend your account or access accounts of people you do not trust to avoid problems!
- Max Level 1200.
- Minimum level to transfer the character to the official server: 1000.
- Only items equipped on the character's body will be sent with the character (Wings, Pendants, Rings, Earrings, Sets, Weapons, Pentagrams, Mount (Guardian)).
   Items in the inventory will be deleted upon sending
- Temporary items equipped on the character will be sent expired
   Including donated items
- Character transfers will not be allowed outside the defined period or if they do not meet the specified criteria.
Best Benefit

Free Transfer

You can transfer your character for free to the official World of Mu server

Speed Server
Transfer Information
- The period for transferring characters to the Official server will last for 7 days, starting on 10/21/23 after maintenance until 10/28/23 at 21:00h server time.
- After this period it will not be possible to carry out the transfer, if the transfer is not carried out within the period the character in the account will be lost
- Speed Server characters can only be transferred to the same registered login
- Your character must be level 1000 or higher, characters below this level will not be sent
- Only items equipped on the character's body will be sent with the character (Wings, Pendants, Rings, Earrings, Sets, Weapons, Pentagrams and 1 Mount (Guardian). Any other item in the inventory will not be transferred, including balances of Zen, RUUD balance and Artifacts
- The transfer of characters will not be allowed outside the defined period, or that do not meet the informed criteria

How to Transfer

Log in to the Speed Server website and go to the "Character Transfer" option.
Select the character you want to transfer with level above 1000 and click send.
Log in to the official World of Mu server and enjoy your new character.
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